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Welcome to Consulting With Impact, Ltd. 

Successful businesses often have an uncanny awareness of customer value, stay one step ahead of competition by getting to the market faster, and enjoy higher profit margins by minimizing fixed and variable costs of production.  Excellence in just one of the above capabilities represents a competitive advantage; excellence in all leads beyond competitive to strategic advantage driving desirable market share.  In this quest, our organization is poised to help your organization uncover and obtain untapped market potential.

Consulting with Impact, Ltd. specializes in the recognition of opportunity, training of the organization, and implementation of tools and systems that help deliver strategic advantage in the marketplace.  A smattering of such tools in the Consulting with Impact toolbox are Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO-9001. By leveraging simple approaches - problem solving, for example- in combination with business process improvement concepts, we work for an integrated solution to your long term survivability and profit.

Our trained consultants utilize the tools to create a unique, client-formulated offering through services.  Specialized training is  one of our most popular offerings.  WE only use engaging, qualified trainers that follow the learn-do approach to facilitate knowledge transfer from us to you.  We don't just show the concepts to our clients, but we teach them the tools, practice the tools, and help them begin the change process, often through "Kaizen Events".  This can occur through a series of short training, spanning over a period of time, or a more consultant-focused process where the consultant remains on-hand for a longer period.  We also deliver focused analysis- concentrating on a specific issue for change and improvement rather than large organizational improvement as well as motivational speaking to inspire on concepts already familiar. 

We take great pride in approaching each client as a unique opportunity.  The cornerstones of our success- speed of implementation, tailoring product offerings to specific client, and unique pairings of current technologies and change management philosophies- generates a custom and valued solution for every client.  Our consultants are poised and ready to help you on the path to improvement. 

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